A few highlights from ALCEI Statutes

ALCEI ““ Electronic Frontiers Italy ““ Associazione per la Libertà  della Comunicazione Elettronica Interattiva ““ was legally established as a free association according to Italian law on July 27, 2004. It is legally based in Milan and operates, by means of interactive communication, regardless of location in Italy and elsewhere.


The association is non-profit and independent of political parties or movements, as well as business and corporate interests of any kind.

Its purpose is the study and solution of problems that are shared by its members and the protection of the freedom and interests of the users of electronic systems and in general the development of all means of interactive communication.

Specifically, its purpose is to develop action and undertake the most appropriate initiatives to:

“¢ promote the development of electronic communication as a tool for information, education and free exchange of news and opinions;

“¢ represent the interests of users of electronic communication, or of anyone that uses it personally or collectively for education, study, work, personal correspondence, amusement or pastime;

“¢ contribute to the enrichment of experience and knowledge of its members and all users of electronic communication;

“¢ collect and distribute information, data and news for the purpose of greater comprehension and familiarity ““ in public opinion and information media ““ of the world of electronic communication and its vital importance throughout modern society;

“¢ promote correct and civilized use of electronic tools by its members and all users;

“¢ defend in all ways ““ including intervention with public authorities, institutions, associations and other entities in Italy and abroad ““ the freedom of anyone who uses electronic communication to express one”™s thoughts in any form;

“¢ denounce and fight ethical and technical discrimination, behavior that damages normal communication activity, as well as any action or constriction by public authority or owners of services which may repress, abuse or restrict the freedom and rights of users;

“¢ cooperate, also on an international scale, with other associations, organizations or entities that pursue the same objectives.


Members agree, and behave in accordance, with the concepts defined by these Statutes and by the Declaration of Principles.

It is understood that the association respects individual freedom and can not take any position on the personal behavior and lifestyle of its members in any form, even if they do not conform to ordinary social conventions.

The association and its representatives do not interfere in any way with the private life of members, nor with matters of opinion, ethical, moral, political, religious or any other field not related to the purposes of the association. It is not the association”™s role or responsibility to intervene if between members there are disagreements on matters unrelated to the association”™s objectives and principles, such as commercial interests or labor conflicts.

* * *

This translation of a few items in the Statutes is for the purpose of general information; only the original complete Italian text has legal value.

The full text of the Statutes in Italian is online (www.alcei.it click on “statuto”).