ALCEI Who We Are

ALCEI – Electronic Frontiers Italy is an association of people dedicated to affirm and protect constitutional rights for “electronic citizens” as new communications technologies emerge.
ALCEI is focused on the safeguard of freedom of expression and personal privacy for any person using electronic communication systems for personal, social, cultural, professional activities.
ALCEI was founded in Milan at the end of July 1994 and is inspired by the principles and goals of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
The main objectives of ALCEI – EF Italy are:
– To ensure the protection of Constitutional rights for citizens using computer-based communication systems, researching and advising on current and future laws to ensure those rights;
– To monitor, disclose and oppose any behavior intended to put restriction, censorship or suppression of free circulation of electronic communications and exchange of information and ideas, no matter how controversial.
– To support, encourage and promote the development and use of electronic communications, in order to enable all citizens to have a voice in the information age.
– To inform and educate the community at large about computer-based communication systems, emphasizing their responsible use and their positive consequences for our society.

The activities of ALCEI – EF Italy include:
– Organization of electronic mailing lists and public online conferences distributed throughout Italian systems for discussion on the above mentioned topics and related activities.
– Research of current Italian and International laws regarding bulletin board systems and other online information services to set up guide-lines for providers of the these services, detailing their rights and responsibilities.
– Production and distribution of information in different formats, including newsletters of various types for local media, general public and the digital community at large.
– Establishment of public meetings and programs focused on the use of computer-based communications, in collaboration with local groups and
– Regular exchange of information and experiences with similar International organizations and online communities.

ALCEI – EF Italy is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. It is not tied to any political party or financial corporation. It does not accept any government grant. Its activities are completely supported by membership and personal contributions; its board and other active members are volunteers and receive no compensation.

Issued on Internet, September 3, 1994